Unbelievable Car Insurance!

First in Malaysia - AXA SmartDrive Safe

Insure AXA SmartDrive Safe motor insurance with CoverBox and get a Microtag device + Microtag eCall services for FREE!

eCall - Automatic accident detection and fast response

bCall - just press the Microtag button for fast roadside assistance

Safe driving – Real-time smartphone distraction alert

Flood protection up to RM1,500

Car key protection up to RM1,500

Mobile app to Bluetooth with Microtag device - for eCall, bCall, earn rewards, expedite claims, add drivers & more

CoverBox VIP Assist*

Unlimited towing for breakdown, flood or accident anywhere in Malaysia

Transport reimbursement up to RM2,000 in case of accident repair at an authorised workshop

Repair on spot service up to RM300 free labour
» Battery jumpstart/replacement
» Tyre replacement
» Fuel delivery

24 Hrs Call Centre Customer Service

*Offer by CoverBox when you sign up with AXA SmartDrive Safe. Terms & conditions apply.

Microtag eCall

How it works?
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