Drive Safe and Get Rewarded!

Earn Bravo Safe points for being a safe driver

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  • Accumulate Bravo Safe points each time you drive safely to redeem instant cash vouchers
  • Just press the button for fast roadside or emergency assistance at your exact location
  • Bravo Tag, triggers an instant 24/7 eCall crash alert for rapid emergency assistance
  • Connect and go! Claim your free Bravo Tag device and just stick the device inside the car

Each time you drive, Bravo Tag automatically connects with your Bravo Safe app via Bluetooth for Automatic Driver Recognition, for:
  • eCall AlertAutomatic crash detection and alert for rapid emergency response (Severe crashes)
  • bCall AssistanceJust press the button for fast roadside assistance at your exact location
  • Safe Driving AlertFriendly “beeping” alerts to help prevent driving distraction by phone use, speeding, and earn more rewards
  • My Trips and PointsCheck your previous trip details and Bravo Safe points earned
  • Car FinderView the car location when the app was last paired with Bravo Tag
  • Claim SubmissionSubmit your accident notifcation via the app to ease the claims submission process to Generali.
  • Authorized WorkshopsFind the nearest authorized workshop from your location
  • My PolicyView my policy information, and more
  • Add DriversAdd as many drivers e.g. family members. Each driver will contribute to earn points & enjoy road protection
  • Add CarsAdd as many cars with different Bravo Tags to access Bravo Safe rewards program & protection with the same app
3 Simple Stages
Sign-up for Bravo Safe

Sign-up via Bravo Safe Subscription mini-site

Submit address

Submit your preferred delivery address to receive the Bravo Tag

Receive the credential

You will receive the credential to log in to the Bravo Safe App

Remove the sticker

Remove the sticker from the back of the Bravo Tag

Stick the Device

Stick the Bravo Tag Device in the car, somewhere you can reach easily

Turn it ON

Turn it ON by holding down the button and wait for 3 beeps


Login to the Bravo Safe app, click “Activate” & accept Permissions

Search & Pair

Click “Search” to find Microtag and click “Found Microtag” to pair


You have now activated Bravo Safe! Drive Safely, earn cash Rewards & Enjoy Road Protections

Add drivers

Invite new drivers by selecting More > Drivers > New Driver

Each driver will contribute to earn points & enjoy road protection


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Bravo Safe Reward Program
+24/7 Automatic Road Protection
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