Microtag eCall

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Perfect for accident detection > device calls for help directly

Together with an APP and services, it can increase the safety of the driver and help to accelerate roadside assistance.
Microtag helps to support safe driving when connected with the app.


No wiring with the vehicle

  • Self-poweredNo wiring with the vehicle
  • eCallAutomatic accident detection and fast response
  • bCalljust press the Microtag button for fast roadside assistance
  • Safe drivingReal time smartphone distraction alert
  • BatteryDisplay Microtag battery status and alert (push, email)
  • Add DriversAdd as many drivers for eCall & bCall services
  • Add CarsAdd as many cars with different microtags for eCall & bCall service with the same app
  • Mobile app to Bluetooth with Microtag devicefor eCall, bCall, earn rewards, expedite claims, add drivers & more


Car A is crashed into by Car B

Car B speeds off

Car A skidded off the road

Car A needs help...

eCall | Automatic accident detection

(minimum set of data)

– location,direction, time
– Acceleration Severity Index (Crash Severity)

In the event of an accident and crash severity > 1.1

  • Device automatically alerts and send MSD* to SOC.
  • Operator calls the driver directly via the registered phone number in the mobile app.
  • If no response, operator will check the system. If the vehicle is stationary after the accident, operator will call MERS 999 to send emergency service as fast as possible.

Manual eCall | Emergency assistance

SOS: Hi, SOC here. What is your emergency?

Driver: I don’t feel well. I need an ambulance.

Operator will contact MERS 999 for ambulance to vehicle location.

bCall | Breakdown assistance

Important notes:

The smartphone must have access to the GSM network.

Mobile App

Connected security features

  • Find my carLocate vehicle on Google Maps (Satellite & street view) – Shows last connected/paired location
  • StatisticsCheck total number of trips, distance and maximum speed for the current month (if Microtag is paired with the Smartphone)
  • My TripsCheck your previous trips and your drive rating for the current month. Unwanted trips can be deleted (if Microtag is paired with the Smartphone)
  • My driving styleCheck your driving style based on speeding, braking, cornering and phone distraction
  • AlertsSpeed, phone distraction alert
  • NotificationAutomatic eCall, Manual bCall, Start & end trip, Health check
  • Speed alertYou can set speed limit to receive beep alerts from Microtag when your vehicle’s speed is exceeded
  • Call buttonCustomer service, Breakdown assistance and Emergency
  • Shows last connected/paired location
  • Register new driver’s mobile number & email
  • Add Cars for multiple management

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