MSIG EZ-Mile is an add-on for..
  • MSIG Private Car Comprehensive Policy
  • MSIG Private Car with Driver’s PA
  • MSIG Motor Plus
  • MSIG Lady Motor Plus

..that lets you pay-as-you-drive, with a lower premium when you commit to drive within a specific mileage during the year. With this add-on, you will also get a complimentary MSIG microtag that connects to your smartphone to track your mileage and help you to call for roadside assistance when you need it.

MSIG Microtag

Your MSIG EZ-Mile Motor Add-on comes with the MSIG microtag, a wireless, Bluetooth-enabled device that consists of several features. It is easy to fix in your car and pair with your smartphone.

  • Top-up reminder
    Pings you when you almost exceeded your Allocated Mileage
  • Safe Driving Alert
    Beeps a warning when you are texting while driving above 20km/h
  • eCall – Automatic accident detection & response
    Automatically sends crash details to an authorized call centre
  • bCall – Concierge Emergency
    Request 24-hour breakdown or emergency roadside assistance with one button
  • Automatic mileage recording via MSIG microtag
  • Pay As You Drive (PAYD)
    View driven mileage, receive top-up reminder and safety assistance in the event of car breakdown or emergency.

Pay a lower premium on your motor comprehensive insurance based on a low anticipated mileage usage for the year.

There are 3 plans available for you to choose:

A 0 UP TO 5,000 KM
B 0 UP TO 10,000 KM
C 0 UP TO 15,000 KM
  • Cover for Windscreens, Windows and Sunroof
  • Separate Cover for Accessories fixed to Your Car
  • Gas Conversion Kit and Tank
  • Legal Liability to Passengers
  • Smart Key Shield (Non-Tariff)
  • 24-Hour Unlimited Towing Service (Non-Tariff)
  • Driver’s PA Cover (Non-Tariff) (applicable only to MSIG Private Car with Driver’s PA Insurance Policy)
  • Driver’s Personal Accident (Non-Tariff)
  • Policyholder’s Personal Accident Cover (Non-Tariff)
  • Loss or Damage to Personal Belongings (Non-Tariff)
  • Transportation Allowance (Non-Tariff)
  • Limits of Liability for Third Party Property Damage (TPPD)
  • Current Year “NCD” Relief

MSIG EZ-Mile is available at MSIG website.

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