Cobra Connex SolarPro Plus

Advanced crash response, stolen vehicle recovery and vehic1e tracking system

Wire-free solar-powered device for windscreen fit + USB magnetic plug to charge windscreen device battery

Wire-free Self-powered device with M2M SIM Card - roaming among Maxis, Celcom, Digi

2 wire battery-fit device with M2M SIM Card - 1 telco

Cobra Connex SolarPro Plus

Retail price inclusive of 1st year service

Service renewal from 2nd year onwards RM360 per year

  • Crash detection & alert
  • Automatic Crash Response
  • Emergency & Breakdown Assistance
  • Parking Protection
  • Stolen Vehicle Tracking & Recovery
  • Vehicle Tracking in real-time
  • VIP Assist
  • Compensation Guarantee
  • Mobile App & Web
  • Crash detection and alert when vehicle is driving/parked (from 2G impact, push, email)
  • eCall Automactic crash response with M2M 3 telco SIM - roaming among Maxis, Celcom, Digi
  • Manual eCall - Push device button on windscreen for SOC call-back (Emergency & Breakdown assistance)
  • Manual eCall - Call SOC on Mobile app (Emergency & Breakdown assistance)
  • Crash reconstruction report
Secure Operations Centre
  • Device sabotage alert (Push, email, SOC)
  • Towing alert when Smart Alarm is activated (Push, email)
  • Stolen vehicle recovery - proactive theft management with SPD matching (SOC will call registered number to verify theft if the telematics device is sabotaged
  • Stolen vehicle recovery (Automatic) - theft recovery by SOC
  • Stolen vehicle tracking (Voluntary) - theft recovery on demand by SOC (customer to call SOC to report theft)
  • Theft compensation guarantee - NCD Protection RMS,000
  • Unlimited towing
  • Repair on spot service (RM300 on labour charge) - flat tyre change, flat battery charge/replacement, out of fuel delivery
  • Accident repair transport reimbursement RM2,000
  • Smartphone application - My Connex
  • Car status > Check if car is parked or driving, ignition On/Off, device battery, vehicle battery
  • My driving style > Based on speeding over road speed limit, harsh acceleration, braking & cornering
  • Alerts
    > Speed - Set speed limit. If vehicle speed exceeds the limit, receive alerts (Push, email)
    > Smart alarm (secure mode) - Enable/disable Smart alarm. If car is driven without authorisation or towed, alerts are sent (Push, email)
  • Secondary device > Check location of your secondary devices
  • Trip review > Check trips with driving score. Trip details include - start & end, location/time, distance, mileage, review, route taken, events
  • Find my car > Check vehicle location, real-time tracking & traffic conditions on Google map. Google satellite view, street view
  • Service & Maintenance reminder > To set service due reminder
  • Multiple vehicle management > Access cars fitted with Connected Car with one app
  • Help button (SOC) > Press to report car theft, Customer service, Emergency & Roadside assistance
  • Update your phone number & email > Make sure we can reach you when needed
  • Web application - ScienceJet web
  • User profile > Update the current phone number and email
  • Geofence alert > Set Zone in/out alerts (Multiple geofences)
  • Vehicle tracking > Track vehicle in real-time
  • Speed alert > Set speed alert
  • Optional > Fleet management with reports & mobile app for fleet - ScienceJet Fleet

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