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SmartDrive Safe

Road protection at a touch of a button

SmartDrive Safe is the first-of-its kind telematics motor insurance that comes with Microtag. Just press it for immediate roadside assistance during breakdown or emergency.


At a touch of a button and many more

SmartDrive Safe is an innovative motor insurance plan that promotes safe driving behaviour by reducing driver’s distractions on the road and improving the overall driving experience.

It comes with a wire-free and self-powered Microtag to provide emergency roadside assistance at the touch of a button.

SmartDrive Safe offers comprehensive motor coverage that covers you against Accidental Damage or Overturning, Malicious Damage, Theft, Fire, Explosion or Lightning Damage, Third Party Injury or Property Damage and more.


SmartDrive Safe Mobile App Locate your vehicle’s last paired location, view your driving score, review your trips, set privacy mode, speed and phone distraction alert, check and redeem your Safe Driving Points, view policy info, file claims and more.

Add multiple drivers in your account so your family members can enjoy the same safety features when they drive your vehicle.

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Road Protection at The Touch of A Button


Automatically connects with SmartDrive Safe mobile app via Bluetooth for Automatic Driver Recognition.


Automatic Accident Alert & Emergency Assistance Response

When your vehicle gets into a severe accident and triggers the alert, you will receive a call immediately to provide you prompt assistance such as ambulance dispatch if necessary.



Get emergency assistance at the touch of a button

In the event of car breakdown or emergency, press the SOS button on Microtag to get assistance. Our 24/7 Call Centre will call you and provide immediate assistance.

Safe Driving Alert (SDA)

Turn on SDA for real time friendly ‘beeping’ alert to notify drivers about unsafe events, to prevent phone distraction and speeding whilst keeping your passengers safe.

Safe Driving Points

Get rewarded by driving safe! The safer you drive, the more points you will earn. Use your points to redeem the e-vouchers. Complimentary points will be awarded once you have successfully paired and activated Microtag. Earn extra points throughout the policy period by completing the game challenges. Make sure you turn on Bluetooth on your mobile phone in order to earn points.

Key Care Protection

We cover the loss or damage to your car key due to actual/attempted theft, robbery or house break-in. We will reimburse the actual repairing replacement costs up to RM1,500. The car key repair works or replacement must be carried out at an authorised workshop.

Flood Relief Allowance

Up to RM1,500 in the event of damage to your car due to flood.

Free 24/7 Emergency Towing up to 200km

Dial our 24-hour hotline service 1800-88-1033 for towing services up to 200km when your vehicle meets an accident or breaks down.

All Drivers Extension

Get waiver of RM400 compulsory excess in the event of a claim by unnamed drivers of your vehicle.

Insure AXA SmartDrive Safe motor insurance with CoverBox and get a Microtag device + Microtag eCall services for FREE!
  • eCallAutomatic accident detection and fast response
  • bCalljust press the Microtag button for fast roadside assistance
  • Safe drivingReal time smartphone distraction alert
  • Flood protection up to RM1,500
  • Car key protection up to RM1,500
  • Mobile app to Bluetooth with Microtag devicefor eCall, bCall, earn rewards, expedite claims, add drivers & more

CoverBox Assist

  • Unlimited towing for breakdown, flood or accident anywhere in Malaysia
  • Transport reimbursement up to RM2,000in case of accident repair at an authorised workshop
  • Repair on the spot service up to RM300
  • 24 Hrs Call Centre Customer Service

*Offer by CoverBox when you sign up with AXA SmartDrive Safe. Terms & conditions apply.

How do I sign up for SmartDrive Safe?

Contact our Customer Service, email or call us at + 603 5888 0054. Purchase/renew your motor insurance with CoverBox and sign up for SmartDrive Safe.

Download SmartDrive Safe mobile app from

Login to the app with your vehicle number and the last 6 digits of your NRIC/passport number or company registration number. Submit your preferred delivery address for Microtag device.

Microtag device will be shipped to you within 7 working days. You will receive a push notification when the device is being shipped out.

Once you have received the device, attach it near the gearbox, on your windscreen, or somewhere visible and within reach, to ensure you are able to press the SOS button on the device easily during an emergency.

Turn on the device by holding down the button and wait for the sound of 3 beeps. Turn on Bluetooth on your mobile phone, and login to the app. Search for the Microtag and pair it with your phone. Your Microtag is now activated.

Your are now ready to begin your safe driving journey and earn Safe Driving Points. Remember, help is just a button away! Just press it!

Get Your Microtag and Drive with Peace of Mind Today


Motor Policy
All comprehensive private car policyholders are eligible.
Microtag is a wire-free and self-powered device that provides assistance in case of vehicle breakdown or emergency. It automatically connects with SmartDrive Safe mobile app via Bluetooth for Automatic Driver Recognition.
We provide one complimentary device for each of your insured car. First time delivery of the device will be shipped free of charge too. If device is lost or damaged, a replacement fee of RM90 applies.
Microtag has 1 year warranty and it covers manufacturing defects. If device is lost or damaged, a replacement fee of RM90 applies.
To enjoy the full benefits of SmartDrive Safe, you are recommended to complete the fitment and activate in 30 days upon receiving the device. You will also receive complimentary Safe Driving Points as soon as Microtag has been paired and activated to compensate the time taken for device delivery.
Microtag connects to the app automatically. You will be notified each time via a push notification and beeping sound.
Yes, you will be notified via a push notification in case you start driving with the Bluetooth being switched off.
No. You are not required to return the device if you cancel or choose not to renew with us.
SmartDrive Safe Mobile Application
No. As long as your mobile phone and Bluetooth are turned on, the app will automatically connect with Microtag and run in the background.
Yes. SmartDrive Safe app needs to access your location to detect and record your trip accurately when paired with Microtag. Location is used to locate your actual car location whenever you press the SOS button on Microtag to provide you with emergency assistance. In the event of a severe accident, it is automatically triggered to our call centre via your mobile phone.
The app is designed to efficiently minimize battery consumption and uses very minimal data. It will only record trips once connected to your Microtag.
With Microtag device activated and paired to your mobile phone, you can earn Safe Driving Points for each of your completed trip. SmartDrive Safe app uses location, speed and motion to record your trips and determine score for your Safe Driving Points. The score is based on how safe you drive, how you handle corners, braking and speeding and how frequent you use your phone while driving.

If there are more than one driver driving your car, you may invite them along to pair with your car’s Microtag device to earn and accumulate the Safe Driving Points from their trips too!

The points can be used to redeem e-voucher(s) from any of the merchants listed in SmartDrive Safe app at anytime as long as the points are still valid.
When connected to SmartDrive Safe mobile app, your location, speed and motion are captured, in particularly how safely you drive, how you take your corners, brake, speed and how frequently you use your phone while driving.

These data will solely be used for the purpose of recording trips and determining your score for Safe Driving Points.

CoverBox VIP Assist*

Unlimited towing

Transport reimbursement up to RM2,000 in case of accident repair at an authorised workshop

Repair on spot service up to RM300 free labour
» Battery jumpstart/replacement
» Tyre replacement
» Fuel delivery

24 Hrs Call Centre Customer Service

CoverBox VIP Assist is complimentary when you sign up AXA SmartDrive Safe motor insurance with CoverBox.
Terms & conditions apply.

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