AXA FlexiDrive Motor Insurance
AXA FlexiDrive rewards you with up to 20% Safe Driving Discounts when you drive safely

Get up to 20% safe driving discount and enjoy enhanced safety and security on the road at no additional premium


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CoverBox, part of the CSE Group, is an authorised insurance agent of AXA, specialising in Telematics Motor Insurance. AXA FlexiDrive is the 1st Telematics Motor Insurance in Malaysia, as approved by Bank Negara.

CoverBox also offers an optional extension to AXA FlexiDrive mobile app, called Smart Track Security. This enables you to locate your car in real-time, review your trips, activate your vehicle’s virtual alarm as well as receive Accident Compensation worth RM2,000 for your transport services in case of an accident.

The 1st Telematics Motor Insurance That Rewards You For Being A Safe Driver
Connect your car with enhanced safety and security on the road, and earn Safe Driving Discounts… at no additional premium!

24/7 Vehicle Security & Theft Recovery

In case your vehicle is stolen, call our 24/7 Secure Operating Centre (SOC) to declare theft.

Upon verification, our SOC will liaise promptly with the Police for theft intervention and vehicle recovery.

Safe Driving Discount is based on mileage, harsh driving and speed:

• Monthly earnings are accumulative
No penalty for poor driving.

Automatic Accident Alert & Assistance

In case of an accident exceeding a preset Acceleration Severity Index (ASI) value, the system will automatically send an alert with the exact location of your vehicle to our SOC who will then direct emergency response services to you immediately.

Smart Connectivity For Your Vehicle

• Check your monthly Safe Driving Discount

• Check your car status e.g. car battery voltage, ignition ON/OFF and last parked location.

• Tips on safe driving.

• Emergency call (e.g. to call for breakdown assistance or to declare a theft, etc).

Installation with Warranty Protection

• Quick and simple 5 minutes installation of the AXA FlexiDrive security device on the vehicle battery.

• AXA will fully bear the cost of repair if the device is proven to have caused any damage to the vehicle.

• Device is automotive standard certified - UN ECE R10 - R&TTE.

Option: Smart Track Security

Option 1 - Unlock@ RM24O/year with Accident Compensation worth RM2,OOO for transport services (e.g. air fare, car rental and taxi fare).

Option 2 - ln-app purchase @ RM19.9O/month without Accident Compensation. Comes with 1st month FREE Trial. Monthly subscription on demand.

Refer to Terms & Conditions for Accident Compensation below.

Accident Compensation for Smart Track Security is offered directly by CSE and not part of AXA FlexiDrive insurance policy.

Terms & Conditions for Accident Compensation:

  1. Call our customer service at +603 5888 0054 immediately to confirm your compensation entitlement together with the police report.
  2. Claims must be made within 2 months from the incident date.
  3. Claim for reimbursement is only valid for the period when the vehicle is under repair and has a daily limit of RM200.
  4. Transport services claim includes air fare, car rental or taxi services.
  5. Accident Compensation for Smart Track Security is offered directly by CSE and not part of AXA FlexiDrive insurance policy.

Documents required:

  1. CSE compensation claim form
  2. Police report of the incident
  3. Copy of your I.C.
  4. Copy of your insurance claim form (where applicable)
  5. Copy of your repair invoice from an authorised workshop (where applicable)
  6. Copy of your official receipt from your transport services (where applicable)

Note: the product specifications and services are subject to change without prior notice


All AXA FlexiDrive subscribers have the option to upgrade their mobile app with "Smart Track Security" offered by CSE for the following benefits:

For ONLY RM240 per year

Accident Compensation

In case of an accident, compensation towards transport services when subscribed annually @ RM240/year.

*Accident Compensation not applicable for monthly subscription @ RM19.90/month.
Terms & Conditions apply (Refer above).

Secure Mode (Virtual Alarm)

You can activate Secure Mode to protect your vehicle with our Virtual Alarm for an immediate emergency response.

If your vehicle is started with Secure Mode activated, you will receive an alert. Declare a theft from the Help menu on the mobile app for immediate emergency response if your vehicle is being stolen.

Locate Car (Real-Time Tracking)

  • Find your car on Google Maps (satellite & street view available)
  • Ability to locate your vehicle from your phone
  • Track your vehicle's movement in real time
  • Check real-time traffic information on Google Maps
Trip Review with Drive Rating

  • Review your trips and check how your drive is rated.
  • Unwanted trips can be deleted.
How to sign up with AXA FlexiDrive


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